Espresso Oh! (Espresso Reserva)   1Lb

Espresso Oh! (Espresso Reserva) 1Lb

  • $10.99

Ara Azzurro's Espresso Blend - roasted to Perfection 

Choose Espresso  if you savor the flavor of a mild espresso with delicate sweetness, a pleasing aroma and a rich, creamy texture -- qualities that make this wonderful gourmet coffee the perfect base for Lattes, Cappuccinos and many other specialty coffee based beverages. 

Espresso means “extremely fast”, but there was nothing fast about the development of this Espress OHH! .  We took our time with this one. 

YOU Choose the Roast, from light to medium roast if you have a coffee maker with a built in grinder.  Darker roasts are less preferable because there is more oil in the bean and that oil can build up over time on the grinder burrs in your machine.

Take one sip and you will know you are enjoying an exquisite Espresso blend that delivers the bolder, darker flavor that you demand.  

Plus Ara Azzurro delivers the Cuppa Kindness way and is the only Canadian online coffee store that combines your love of coffee with giving, by donating 5% of every purchase to charity. 

Why settle for less?