1 LB. Colombian Coffee-  Low to Medium Intensity (Single Origin)

1 LB. Colombian Coffee- Low to Medium Intensity (Single Origin)

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If you know coffee, you know there is nothing quite like a single origin, 100% Colombian Coffee.  The standard is high and we more than meet it with this Colombian coffee, a low to medium intensity specialty coffee available exclusively from Ara Azzurro. Roasted Fresh to Order. 

Did you know!

Did you know that Colombia is one of the second largest green coffee producers in the world? They export about 12.5 million bags internationally and consume around 2 million bags, as they need this exceptional beverage as well to get their day going just like us.


*Cupping Notes

Citrusy flavor, medium-bodied, and rich acidity with a clean and sweet aftertaste

Region: Various Regions

Growing Altitude: 1200 – 2000 m.a.s.l

Arabica Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Harvest Period: September – December

Milling Process: Washed

Aroma: Clean

Flavor: Citrus

Body: Round

Acidity:  Bright


You Choose your Roast and Grind

Cupping notes will always differ based on the roast profile. The lighter the roast the more likely you will notice the various tasting profile notes. The darker your roast; you will lose a lot of the fruity characters in the cup.